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The WOW Series


The WOW Series is a diverse speaker and interview series that works to advance professionals & entrepreneurs by giving them a platform to be heard on our podcast, YouTube channel, and virtual panel discussions. We curate our panel discussions called the “WOW Speaker Series” to discuss important conversations around entrepreneurship, social impact, sport, wellness, and representation. And we host our interview series called “WOW Interviews to ensure our community has access to content in between our events.


Our WOW Professionals hail from numerous corporate and entrepreneurial industries, including beauty, sports & entertainment, health & wellness, tech, financial services, non-for-profit, legal, the list goes on. Our speakers and thought leaders span from those with thousands of followers to leaders in the c-suite at Fortune 500 companies to the newest entrepreneurs on the block paving the way.

The WOW Series connects generations of expertise and advice to truly drive change. 

Meet Our Founder


Abigail Gibbons is the founder of The WOW Series. She is a host, moderator, and founder by night and legal marketer by day, and has aligned her work around advancing gender equality in the workplace and inspiring impact entrepreneurship among professionals. She has guided many professional women in how to manage and start a side hustle while balancing a 9-5 and in return has helped prove to corporate companies understand the value of entrepreneurial employees. A connector at heart, she has created a global community of changemakers and facilitated activism and entrepreneurship among professionals around the world. She has worked with companies of the likes of Facebook, Merrill Lynch, SAP, and Northwestern Mutual to Six Degrees SocietyUS Two TeaKulfi BeautyiFundWomenAsk Tia, and more. 

We truly are BUILDING a GLOBAL COMMUNITY that gives EVERYONE a platform to be HEARD.

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The WOW Series is a diverse speaker and interview series that works to advance equality by giving professionals a platform to be heard on our podcast, YouTube channel, and virtual panel discussions. Our series shares the diverse stories of professionals & entrepreneurs paving the way forward for the next generation of activists, entrepreneurs, professionals, athletes, and more.

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We host virtual events that build our global community and feature the WOW Professionals. Our topics include representation, entrepreneurship, and more!

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We interview and share the stories, challenges, and advice of professionals of all cultures, backgrounds, on our IGTV, Youtube, and our podcast.

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Sustainable Summer

More than ever before women, and especially women of color, are leaving corporate America to start their own businesses that have a positive impact on our world. The current and next generations are also thinking twice before they buy a product or decide who to trust with their investments.

Join us as we host a panel of global changemakers as we educate on how to build a sustainable brand, break down what sustainability means, and share on how to be an educated everyday consumer and investor while empowering women to own their financial power. Our networking session will connect you exclusively with leaders in the space and like-minded professionals and will host an intimate question and answer with our speakers to build intimate relationships.

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