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September 23, 2021 12:00pm – 2:00pm EDT

Creating a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Virtual Event

Creating a More Sustainable Tomorrow

Inspired by the recent Panel on Climate Change report, we have teamed up with a panel of experts to breakdown what sustainability truly means and how we can each be a more conscious consumer to build a better, livable future. This is a great opportunity to learn, network, discover, and connect with leaders, consumers, and brands in the sustainability space.

Who is this event for:
Consumers looking to navigate the world of sustainability and buy more consciously
Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch a sustainable business
Leaders in the sustainability space looking to further build their network

What is this event about:
Join a panel of experts as they share how consumers can navigate the world of sustainability, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn where to start when it comes to launching their businesses, and leaders can network in the sustainability space.

This event will include a panel, curated networking opportunities, and provide guests with an opportunity to promote their own brand and/or learn about others.

Where is this event:

12:00pm – 1:00pm: Panel Discussion

1:00pm- 1:10pm: Meet & Shop featured Sustainable Businesses
(An Opportunity to network and be featured)

1:10 – 2:00pm: Ask me anything networking session with WOW Panelists
Curated guest matches if available)


Founder & CEO at Consciously

Maisa Mumtaz-Cassidy

Maisa Mumtaz-Cassidy, Founder & CEO at Consciously

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer at PAANI, LLC

Nikita Chatterjee

Nikita Chatterjee, Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer at PAANI, LLC.

Founder, Intentional Money

Ankita Terrell

Ankita Terrell, Founder of Intentional Money

Founder, Queen of Raw

Stephanie Benedetto

stephanie Benedetto

The Listener

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$ 9
  • Panel Discussion
  • Event Recording
  • Emails/Socials of Attendees

The Connector

Free for members
$ 20
  • Post Panel Networking & Curating Matches
  • Access To The Post Event Recording
  • Emails/Socials Of Attendees

Interested in Sponsoring this event?

In today’s world more and more women are leaving corporate America to start their businesses, with 40% of new entrepreneurs being women and 50% of multicultural women leaving corporate to start a business, and BIPOC entrepreneurs are the fastest-growing entrepreneurial market. Yet, these women lack funding and corporate America is failing to keep up with these consumers and employees in building their trust on important social issues. Our sponsorship is designed to bridge the gap between corporate companies and consumer brands to connect directly with our network to drive sales, conversion, and most importantly, to drive trust and brand awareness among our network. As our mission stands, you also do good by investing in us, as 10 percent of the investment goes back to a non-profit in our network that advances gender equality.

Join us!

The WOW Club

Welcome to The WOW Club, a sophisticated social networking group hosted by intimate dinners that brings you the WOW Factor.

What’s the WOW Factor?
This club was created by leading social network: The WOW Series, a global women’s empowerment platform. This invitation only collective is the first of it’s kind bringing the best of women’s empowerment programming along with premium social events where you’ll feel truly welcome.

Does this sound like you?
This community is designed for driven leaders, creatives, and professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for a local network to lean on while making global connections. 

Our Superpower…
The WOW Club
bridges the power of women’s empowerment with best-in-class social events to create a one of a kind collective that you’ll want to brag about to your friends, share on social, but ditch the typical “private club” vibes that usually leaves us feeling that imposter syndrome. This club is built different and rooted in  authenticity, relationships, and empowerment.

Join us and build your ships…
Our global community of women  global engage through our virtual programming and in-person connections to build their “ships”: mentorship, friendships, partnerships…whatever “ships” members are seeking to sail to grow!

The WOW Club's Mission

The mission of our club is to empower women to embrace their WOW Factor while also unwinding, finding support, sipping cocktails (or non-alcoholic bevs) and exploring new hot spots and supporting women owned businesses in NYC and beyond.

women celebrating

The WOW Club

$390 USD Quarterly | $1560 USD Annually

The WOW Club was created by WOW founder, Abigail and founder of NYC based social club (JBSC), Sana. Abigail and Sana teamed up because they understand the trials and challenges 20-30 something year-old women face in developing their careers and selves during this chapter of their lives. Abigail has explored many different career options and early in her career, often found herself looking for more mentors to help guide her in difficult situations at work: such as being in an industry that is very male dominated, navigating career growth and transition, and starting a business. She started WOW Series so that no women feels alone, like she did, in navigated her early 20’s and her career. Sana (INSERT HER STORY HERE). 

Abigail and Sana are thrilled to combine the best of their communities and their experiences to help women find the support, mentorship, and community they wished they had.

The WOW Club hosts valuable and trusted programming that the current and next generation of women need to scale their professional careers, navigate life, and most importantly, find that one-of-a-kind community they’ve been looking for. 

This membership includes:

  • Free access to the WOW Speaker Series virtual networking and panel discussion events
  • Access to The WOW Club online portal where members engage daily to ask questions, find support, be celebrated, and promote their work!
  • Virtual Networking via our self development series, social meetups, and 1:1 curated member connections
  • Exclusive access to WOW Club happy hours and social events in NYC at local women-owned hot spots.
  • Soon expanding to all major cities of members.

How it works?

  • First, apply using the button below.
    • We are accepting applications for founding members. You must apply to be considered to join the community.
    • We require applications to maintain the integrity and quality of the members within the community
  • Next, we will follow up with the status of your application by March 1, 2022. If approved, you will receive  a welcome email with access to The WOW Club and programming! 
  • Ta-da! Let the connection begin!!

The New York Socializer

$400 Annually

This NYC-based-only membership includes all the features of the above offering AND:
  • From wine tastings to workshops, this membership includes a minimum of two in-person events/quarter (pandemic pending)
  • Exclusive Member-only meet-ups and happy hours around the New York City area so you can find your WOW tribe.
  • Member brands/businesses included in the WOW pop-up at each event
  • (In-person WOW Events cost $75/event. This membership saves you $200.)

We’ve Completed A Lot Of Interviews


At the WOW Series, we believe every person has their own “WOW Factor,” a unique trait, characteristic, and lesson that leads them to success – the secret sauce that sets them apart from others. We interview changemakers, entrepreneurs, athletes, and professionals to explore the stories behind finding and embracing their WOW Factors, and their advice for how you can as well. Stream our podcast on all platforms, or watch on Youtube.

The WOW Series x Julia Hunt

The WOW Series x Rachana Parekh

The WOW Series x Sahreen Quadir

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